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First triumph of María Cabanillas

The First National Youth Tournament was held at C.A. Students from Paraná and among women, the competition was defined in the play-offs and was in the hands of María Cabanillas, who made 148 strokes with laps of 76 and 72.

Our representative prevailed against Anna Herrlein of the C.S.D. Gral. Miter de Pérez, who finished with two rounds of 74 shots. After them was Julieta Oviedo with 75 and 79 for 154.

For his part, the winner among men was Amadeo Martínez from the host club. With records of 74 and 74 strokes he added 148 for two over par. The second position was shared by Ramiro Acevedo del Ranelagh GC, with 77 and 72, and by the Paraguayan Matías Koropeski who made 75 and 74 to finish one of the winner. The weather prevented the second round of the First National Tournament for Under-15s from taking place in Junín G.C. where Nicolás Cabanillas participated. Under these circumstances, the scores of the previous day were those that determined the final results of the contest. The Second National Tournaments will be played on Friday the 10th and Saturday the 11th of September. The Minors will do it at the Ascochinga Golf Club and the younger ones at the El Paso Country Club. In this way, our eximia representative, begins his path of triumph in the national tournaments of his category. We wish you every success for the upcoming competitions. Bravo Maria!


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