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Closing of activities until 05/30

Due to the new national DNU, to which the province of Neuquén adheres, the activities of the Chapelco Golf Club are suspended until May 30 inclusive.

The government of the province of Neuquén adhered to the presidential DNU published on 05/21, which came into effect at midnight on 05/22. The golf course maintenance staff of the Club and the Chapelco Golf & Resort Consortium will work with the respective authorizations, complying with the regulations of the new provisions with the entire squad in shifts but on reduced hours. The administration will continue with its functions remotely. Although the club is closed, we will continue to have staff performing maintenance on the building. The Club House concessionaire will function as allowed in the delibery and take-away mode. Chapelco Golf & Resort as well as all its services are strictly subject to government regulations, we ask everyone to follow the recommendations. Thank you! Below is the complete document of the measures taken by the province of Neuquén:

DNU Disposición Provincial
Download PDF • 2.37MB


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