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Virtual and personalized swing lessons

To have a good performance on the course, correcting and improving your swing is key, that is why Chapelco Golf Club offers its members the possibility of reviewing their technique virtually. Learn how this custom swing class works.

An excellent alternative that new technologies give us is to be able to record our swing and analyze it later to correct errors in posture and direction of the blow. For that we only need the help of a colleague or caddy to record us with the mobile. But if we add to that the return of a golf teacher, the chances of success are much higher.

How to record the video?

1. The person capturing the image is ideally positioned approximately 6 feet from the player, framing the image in a centered manner, and holding it steady during the course of the shot. 2. The center of the image must be adjusted in the space that is caused between the hands and the player's navel, both for the frontal shot and those that are lateral. 3. To record we must use a tripod, and if it is not available, the same bag can be used to support the device. The important thing is that it remains as stable as possible since drawn lines will be drawn on the recorded video for analysis. 4. We suggest taking all shots with the screen in a horizontal position.

There are 3 fundamental filming angles and one very useful one. These perspectives are called Front View, Side View or Target Line View, and Rear View. Let's see how each shot is done: Front view To record this position it is necessary for the camera to point directly to the center of the body - already explained above - regardless of which stick we play or where we place the ball.

Side view Although the position is called "lateral", the camera must be located at the height of our hands, in the stance, because if it is located in the line of the feet it will appear that we are swinging more outside and vertical than in reality. we are doing.

Back View This shot is not as important as the others, but it is very useful to observe how the lower body is behaving and how the weight is distributed laterally throughout the swing. To take this image, the camera must be placed at the height of the center of the body above the hips of the golfer.

Grip view This scene can be enlarged and taken closer to the player to have a better perception of what the union between the club and the body is like.

Sending of recordings Once you have compiled the information in video format, please send it to If the weight of the images makes it difficult to send, we suggest you do it through Wetransfer to the same email. Recommendations: Do not compress the files to make the shipment, write us in a separate email containing the shipment notice with full name and membership number. Our director will make the observations and within a period of approximately one week he will have his feedback at the email address from which he wrote us. We hope you can take advantage of this beneficial alternative during this time of preparation for the high season of golf at our beloved Club.


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